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Cello Choirs and Orchestra Study Groups.

Last week I read this great article about a New Zealand based Cello Choir and I got totally inspired. Cello choirs have been popular since the 1970s when the 12 cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra recorded Julius Klengel’s Hymnus … Continue reading

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Cough, cough. Boo

Just in time for Seattle’s long delayed spring, I caught a cold. The last few days I’ve been spending far too much time doing this to get to my keyboard for any length of time: But I’m on a brief … Continue reading

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Friday Cello Video: Tuning to a Reference Pitch

In the real world, electric tuners are awesome, convenient, wonderful, etc. but batteries die (or if you’re like me, the whole tuner gets forgotten by my practice chair) and knowing how to tune without the help of the box is … Continue reading

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Damn it, Janet! or The Case of the Self Destructing Cello Case

I nestled Miss CC snug in her bed, towel wrapped the neck to avoid scuffing by the nasty raw velcro strap, put the bow into the sleeve and started to shut the case. A minute before the zipper touches down I hear the unmistakable ‘thunk’ of wood on wood and fling open the top to see the bow sleeve has come completely detached from the lid, dropping the bow (frog first) onto the cello and leaving a narrow, quarter-inch long dent in the topsheet. Continue reading

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Things for Cellos

Now that I’ve revealed the inner Spartan driving my skill acquisition process, I realize some of you (parents) may be wondering what planet I come from or if I ever lighten up. (That would be Mars, and actually, this is me, pretty light) Come to think of it, I actually enjoy the Galamian scales, so you might have a point. Continue reading

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