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We’ve reached the end – hurrah!

This week I hit a major landmark in my lessons: the end of Suzuki Book 1. That’s right, you heard it here first: Minuet no. 2 is in the bag. Okay well that’s a slight exaggeration. But after we finished … Continue reading

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Have you seen my guest post? Psst, I’ll tell you where to find it!

A couple of months ago I was delighted to be invited to guest post at one of my favorite cello blogs: that of teacher Emily Ann Peterson. Somewhere in the middle of all my self imposed blog exile last week, … Continue reading

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Balancing Brandenburg and Happy Farmer, or How I Got Into This Mess

And what a strange, crazy trip it’s been! A cello friend asked how it was possible for me to be working on both Bburg (aka The First Movement of Brandenburg Concerto #5) and Happy Farmer (Suzuki 1). I realize that … Continue reading

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Lesson Day: Tone, Tone, Tone

I have been a bad blogger, but the good news is I’ve been a decent cellist, managing to squeeze in at least an hour a day. As a result, I sounded halfway decent at my lesson today. (Another bonus side … Continue reading

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When the biggest challenge is to do “nothing”

It always interesting to discover what element of a piece is going to be particularly challenging. Sometimes it’s obvious – like the counting in Rigadoon (one-e-and-a-two-e, say what?!) or crossing strings or a shift but most of the time it … Continue reading

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Friday Cello Video: Abigail McHugh from www.celloteachersfriend.com

A little departure from the norm. This is from a YouTube channel I can’t quite get enough of lately: the “Pick Your Nose” Cello Extension technique. okay, so it’s a little “kid oriented,” but I love clever and fun ways … Continue reading

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You have strings, come play with us!

Such went the invite. The story: TBF and I were attending his work holiday party. I was meeting a delightful group of international smartheads and chatting about all number of things (motorcycles, travel, kids, dogs, etc) when I made one … Continue reading

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