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On what I’ve been up to while not behind the cello…

I have a little confession to make: for the last two weeks I’ve been avoiding my cello. I know, I know, we talked about this already – a season for all things, etc…but when I wrote that, I just figured … Continue reading

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Lesson Day: Tone, Tone, Tone

I have been a bad blogger, but the good news is I’ve been a decent cellist, managing to squeeze in at least an hour a day. As a result, I sounded halfway decent at my lesson today. (Another bonus side … Continue reading

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Homework: bowing joint-by-joint

This week’s practice theme has been all mechanics. After going over Schroeder 14 in my lesson we spent a lot of time breaking down the bow arm action: joint by joint from the back of my shoulder to my fingertips. … Continue reading

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Got Schroeder? Get these videos (free!)

Over the last 6 months I’ve been getting down and dirty with Vol 1 of the Alwin Schroder 170 Foundation Studies for Cello – #1-6 to be exact – and the most challenging thing for me has been figuring out … Continue reading

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Practice update

Current assignments: 1. Song of the Wind and Go Tell Aunt Rhody using the metronome, no groaning or eye rolling allowed. 2. R-E-L-A-X the pinkie side of the bow hand, shoulder and wrist. No holding on for dear life. 4. … Continue reading

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