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This Week in Cello-land: Recap

Phew, almost Friday again! Big happenings this week: orchestra rehearsal round 2, my first lesson in months, and a new job! Shall we begin? Confession: I am more of a perfectionist than I would like to admit. Ditto to being … Continue reading

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Practice Update

A couple of updates. I played an impromptu version of Lightly Row at my housewarming gathering Sunday afternoon. My lovely friends were kind enough not to cringe, and even applauded my cello scratching. I only muttered “fuck” once when I … Continue reading

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All the news that fits:

To make up for my week of cello delinquency, I spent the following week practicing 40 minutes to an hour every night. Ok, let’s be honest: 5 of the 7. Frankly, I don’t recommend taking random weeks away when you’re learning an instrument, but I don’t think it really did me too much harm. I may not have improved much that week, but everything I learned thus far hadn’t all evaporated. If anything, it might have helped me to gel some of my previous instruction a bit. Continue reading

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C Major, a French Folk Song, and Building More Badass Dendrites

Good lesson, although I still find it a bit frustrating that I never seem to play as well in my lesson as when I’m at home. Maybe there’s a bit of anxiety about playing around another person; although, I have … Continue reading

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