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It’s all in how you look at things…

After 20+ years of wearing glasses and contact lenses, I finally took the big jump last week and had LASIK. I say”finally” like I just up and walked into the clinic and said “slice my corneas open and wiggle that … Continue reading

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On what I’ve been up to while not behind the cello…

I have a little confession to make: for the last two weeks I’ve been avoiding my cello. I know, I know, we talked about this already – a season for all things, etc…but when I wrote that, I just figured … Continue reading

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Friday Cello Video: Cello – the new cat toy

Those little red laser lights are a thing of the past. Entertain your cat for hours AND learn to play Bach…

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Cello Choirs and Orchestra Study Groups.

Last week I read this great article about a New Zealand based Cello Choir and I got totally inspired. Cello choirs have been popular since the 1970s when the 12 cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra recorded Julius Klengel’s Hymnus … Continue reading

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Why I call him Rana…

Anyone remember this cartoon? (Sorry, YouTube won’t let me embed this one) When I heard this cello for the first time, I flashed immediately to this cartoon, feeling a little bit like the puzzled dude who watches the frog leap … Continue reading

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Balancing Brandenburg and Happy Farmer, or How I Got Into This Mess

And what a strange, crazy trip it’s been! A cello friend asked how it was possible for me to be working on both Bburg (aka The First Movement of Brandenburg Concerto #5) and Happy Farmer (Suzuki 1). I realize that … Continue reading

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Lesson Day: The Case of the Vanishing Slurs

If today’s lesson was the sidewalk, slurs would be the curb I miss stepping off only to land awkwardly on my heel, teeth rattling against each other as I try to regain my balance and my footing. Apparently, I’ve been … Continue reading

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