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Keep Calm and Carry On*: Playing through the storm

One of the things orchestra is teaching me is not to stop every time I make a mistake. In practice, if I miss a note or hit the wrong note, or catch some funky tone on a note my instinct … Continue reading

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I have not been avoiding you…

I Promise. I know you don’t come here for cello related stuff, cool videos or cellos in the news (or maybe you do, how cool would that be) You come here because I promised the story of a grown-up learning … Continue reading

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Damn it, Janet! or The Case of the Self Destructing Cello Case

I nestled Miss CC snug in her bed, towel wrapped the neck to avoid scuffing by the nasty raw velcro strap, put the bow into the sleeve and started to shut the case. A minute before the zipper touches down I hear the unmistakable ‘thunk’ of wood on wood and fling open the top to see the bow sleeve has come completely detached from the lid, dropping the bow (frog first) onto the cello and leaving a narrow, quarter-inch long dent in the topsheet. Continue reading

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The Joys of Blogging

Just realized all the embeded videos were not formatted properly and turning up as gobbledy gook code instead of posts. Should be fixed now, but after a week and a half of silly wonkish looking blog, it’s about damn time. … Continue reading

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