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Make some noise: Strange Sounds

As any beginning cellist knows, our instrument of choice is capable of many (often unintentional) strange sounds. We’re often not proud of the various sqeels, squawks and screeches that eminate as we learn to play. However there are some folks … Continue reading

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Friday Cello Video: Rubio and Romero, “Cancion”

One of a series of beautifully shot performances by Angela Rubio and Clara Romero. The piece “Cancion” is by Spanish composer Manuel De Falla. The video quality and production is about as lovely as the performance with lots of great … Continue reading

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Friday Cello Video: Abigail McHugh from www.celloteachersfriend.com

A little departure from the norm. This is from a YouTube channel I can’t quite get enough of lately: the “Pick Your Nose” Cello Extension technique. okay, so it’s a little “kid oriented,” but I love clever and fun ways … Continue reading

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“Skin Orgasm” No seriously, that’s what it’s called…

….when you have that sensation of uncontrollable chills, tingling, shivers or goosebumps that race up your body on hearing music that moves you. A team of scientists has studied the phenomenon (because these days the only way to validate a … Continue reading

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All the news that fits:

To make up for my week of cello delinquency, I spent the following week practicing 40 minutes to an hour every night. Ok, let’s be honest: 5 of the 7. Frankly, I don’t recommend taking random weeks away when you’re learning an instrument, but I don’t think it really did me too much harm. I may not have improved much that week, but everything I learned thus far hadn’t all evaporated. If anything, it might have helped me to gel some of my previous instruction a bit. Continue reading

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Music trains the hearing “muscles”

I owe you a update but in the  meantime, here’s something really cool I heard on NPR this morning. Turns out there’s more to good hearing than genetics and your ears… Say What?! Musicians Hear Better by Jon Hamilton October … Continue reading

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