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For every thing there is a season

There are some times – blissful, joyous, delightful times – when playing the cello is a relaxing respite from the rest of my world. Times when even challenges are exciting opportunity for growth and learning about life, myself and this … Continue reading

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This Week in Cello-land: Recap

Phew, almost Friday again! Big happenings this week: orchestra rehearsal round 2, my first lesson in months, and a new job! Shall we begin? Confession: I am more of a perfectionist than I would like to admit. Ditto to being … Continue reading

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Homework: bowing joint-by-joint

This week’s practice theme has been all mechanics. After going over Schroeder 14 in my lesson we spent a lot of time breaking down the bow arm action: joint by joint from the back of my shoulder to my fingertips. … Continue reading

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Just a little teaser…

What I’ve been working on for the last three weeks: Sounds simple, eh? Not so much. Oh dynamics, dynamics, dynamics….now I see what all that fuss over weight vs pressure was leading up to. Going to present it at my … Continue reading

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Practice update

Current assignments: 1. Song of the Wind and Go Tell Aunt Rhody using the metronome, no groaning or eye rolling allowed. 2. R-E-L-A-X the pinkie side of the bow hand, shoulder and wrist. No holding on for dear life. 4. … Continue reading

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C Major, a French Folk Song, and Building More Badass Dendrites

Good lesson, although I still find it a bit frustrating that I never seem to play as well in my lesson as when I’m at home. Maybe there’s a bit of anxiety about playing around another person; although, I have … Continue reading

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Building dendrites, bigger dreams and other unexpected side effects of learning to play music

All of that is to say, having attended my fourth lesson on Monday this week is officially Cecelia and my one month anniversary. Continue reading

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