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The Case in Point: Ask and you shall receive

The other day, I spent sometime on Google Reader, catching up on blogs I’ve subscribed to and neglected over the past couple of weeks. One of which is Danielle Laporte’s “White Hot Truth” which never fails to inspire. One post … Continue reading

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Have you seen my guest post? Psst, I’ll tell you where to find it!

A couple of months ago I was delighted to be invited to guest post at one of my favorite cello blogs: that of teacher Emily Ann Peterson. Somewhere in the middle of all my self imposed blog exile last week, … Continue reading

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The joy of new music

At rehearsal tonight we tried on a couple of new pieces as potential pieces for our “strings summer session.” Right now we’ve inherited a substantial library of interesting stuff, mostly thanks to our conductor, so tonight was like the orchestra … Continue reading

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When the biggest challenge is to do “nothing”

It always interesting to discover what element of a piece is going to be particularly challenging. Sometimes it’s obvious – like the counting in Rigadoon (one-e-and-a-two-e, say what?!) or crossing strings or a shift but most of the time it … Continue reading

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This Week in Cello-land: Recap

Phew, almost Friday again! Big happenings this week: orchestra rehearsal round 2, my first lesson in months, and a new job! Shall we begin? Confession: I am more of a perfectionist than I would like to admit. Ditto to being … Continue reading

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Winterize your cello

Here are a few of the most commonly mentioned tips I gathered online on taking care of your cello during the cold winter months. Continue reading

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Things for Cellos

Now that I’ve revealed the inner Spartan driving my skill acquisition process, I realize some of you (parents) may be wondering what planet I come from or if I ever lighten up. (That would be Mars, and actually, this is me, pretty light) Come to think of it, I actually enjoy the Galamian scales, so you might have a point. Continue reading

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