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Cello Choirs and Orchestra Study Groups.

Last week I read this great article about a New Zealand based Cello Choir and I got totally inspired. Cello choirs have been popular since the 1970s when the 12 cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra recorded Julius Klengel’s Hymnus … Continue reading

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Words, New Cellos and Life

You’ll have to forgive me for the lack of real posts lately (well, nobody’s twisting your arm, but it would be nice…) Between starting a new job, a big push to get some major novel revisions complete and the ongoing … Continue reading

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Keep Calm and Carry On*: Playing through the storm

One of the things orchestra is teaching me is not to stop every time I make a mistake. In practice, if I miss a note or hit the wrong note, or catch some funky tone on a note my instinct … Continue reading

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Speaking of goals

Flipping through my cello notebook I found my scribbled year one goals. One of which was to learn to play Happy Birthday. So yesterday I recorded my progress and put together a little movie for y’all. Enjoy! And just to … Continue reading

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2 for 5 for 3

The experiment being: how much improvement can I make if I really buckle down and put in the practice time EVERY DAY (like I’m supposed to)
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