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Cello Choirs and Orchestra Study Groups.

Last week I read this great article about a New Zealand based Cello Choir and I got totally inspired. Cello choirs have been popular since the 1970s when the 12 cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra recorded Julius Klengel’s Hymnus … Continue reading

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We’ve reached the end – hurrah!

This week I hit a major landmark in my lessons: the end of Suzuki Book 1. That’s right, you heard it here first: Minuet no. 2 is in the bag. Okay well that’s a slight exaggeration. But after we finished … Continue reading

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Cough, cough. Boo

Just in time for Seattle’s long delayed spring, I caught a cold. The last few days I’ve been spending far too much time doing this to get to my keyboard for any length of time: But I’m on a brief … Continue reading

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Just a little teaser…

What I’ve been working on for the last three weeks: Sounds simple, eh? Not so much. Oh dynamics, dynamics, dynamics….now I see what all that fuss over weight vs pressure was leading up to. Going to present it at my … Continue reading

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Suzuki Book, V1

My roommate’s dog, Stella, didn’t mind my bouncing around as she lives in a perpetual state of happy dance and had already commenced the jig when I walked in the door. Continue reading

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