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Cello Trial #2 and a word about bows…

After an uneventful night at Orchestra rehearsal (my conductor’s opinion: if you don’t really love it, send it back) Rana was returned to Hammond Ashley. I’m sure he’ll make somebody a great cello companion. Just not this somebody. As fate … Continue reading

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Growing into your instrument

While I was trying cellos at Hammond Ashley, there was a cellist in the next booth over ripping one of the Bach Suites in HALF. He or she was pretty awesome: a couple of times I stopped what I was … Continue reading

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Friday Cello Video: Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic – Smooth Criminal

This. Friggin. Rocks. (Warning. You’re gonna wanna turn this one up) Are those carbon fiber cellos I see? HAWT!

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