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From the bedside stack*: Revisiting old Territory

*the stack of books beside the bed, a.k.a. books that that have been on my reading list well past the “new release” period. I’m not exactly sure why it took me almost three months to finish Emma Bull’s latest novel, … Continue reading

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Refreshing the reading list

One of the thing I look forward to in the writing world is award nomination season. Not because I have anything up for an award, but because award nominees are a great source for replenishing/refreshing the reading list. Depending on … Continue reading

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Use your words: Yoga and Writing

In yoga ‘dialogue’ refers to the words the teacher uses to deliver practitioners through a sequence of postures that compose a class (although it’s really more of a monologue: as a practitioners are mostly focused on breathing and twisting or … Continue reading

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Words I love: When Commercials Inspire

Don’t ya just hate it when a commercial actually reached out and touches you with a bit of inspiration. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as entertained as the next person by all those radically expensive, goofy Super Bowl adds. I … Continue reading

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Because we all need a reminder sometimes…

XOXO, Eddie

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Expressions I love: “Running your mouth”

Turns out the word ‘run’ has over 600 meanings in it’s verb form, giving it the most meanings of any verb in the english language (as determined by the Oxford English Dictionary types. They know a few things about words). … Continue reading

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Have you seen my guest post? Psst, I’ll tell you where to find it!

A couple of months ago I was delighted to be invited to guest post at one of my favorite cello blogs: that of teacher Emily Ann Peterson. Somewhere in the middle of all my self imposed blog exile last week, … Continue reading

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