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My website is finally up and this blog has migrated permanently to it’s new home: The move has been a long time coming, and partially responsible for the drop off in recent posts.  Please update your bookmarks, and stop … Continue reading

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Adventures of a Clumsy Yogi: Knowing How to Fall

My first thought as I lost my balance and crashed to the deck this morning was: Thank goodness for my yoga. My second thought: ouch, my knee. Thank goodness, because a fall like that could have been much worse. It … Continue reading

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Too Good Not to Pass Along: Airport

This may just be my new favorite musical humor site – the sketches are simple and on point. Plus some of them give me an opportunity to practice sight reading (so that I can to get in on the joke), … Continue reading

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It’s all in how you look at things…

After 20+ years of wearing glasses and contact lenses, I finally took the big jump last week and had LASIK. I say”finally” like I just up and walked into the clinic and said “slice my corneas open and wiggle that … Continue reading

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From the bedside stack*: Revisiting old Territory

*the stack of books beside the bed, a.k.a. books that that have been on my reading list well past the “new release” period. I’m not exactly sure why it took me almost three months to finish Emma Bull’s latest novel, … Continue reading

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String Players Wanted! Join the Rainbow City Orchestra

This one is for the Seattle area peeps: I highly encourage anyone in the Seattle area who is either a current (or former) string player interested in playing with others to consider this opportunity. Playing with RCO has been great … Continue reading

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Refreshing the reading list

One of the thing I look forward to in the writing world is award nomination season. Not because I have anything up for an award, but because award nominees are a great source for replenishing/refreshing the reading list. Depending on … Continue reading

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