2012 Goals: #1 The Website

One of this year’s resolutions is to get off my ass and get myself an online home. Everybody tells me how easy this whole process is – especially these days. I believe the phrase is “push button.” But truthfully, I’m a mite intimidated by the whole process. What happens when I am intimidated by a process? I learn all I can about it before I get started. In fact, spending so much time learning about it that I never actually do it. I mean, I’ve been sitting on my domains for years.

So this week, I jumped in. I’ve said goodbye to GoDaddy and hello to Dreamhost. I’m up to my eyeballs in themes, headers, plugins and “HOW on earth do I (fill in the blank).” My to-do list is getting longer…

Thankfully you really CAN learn just about anything on the interwebs and Dreamhost makes it almost painfully easy to get started.

Long story short, there will be some changes around here in the next couple of days (weeks?) as I finally get my interweb self in gear. Hopefully the transition won’t be too painful.


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One Response to 2012 Goals: #1 The Website

  1. Eto says:

    I have the same problem. Hopefully this quote can help you along your way: “Anything worth doing is worth doing wrong.” or something like that from Les Brown (I believe?). Eitherway, I’m looking forward to seeing whatever you put up b/c your content is always KILLER!!!

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