Friday Cello Video: A Father And Son’s Intense Conversation

I’m intrigued by musical families – and this duo has a wonderful story, in addtion to making some pretty amazing music. Father, Pedro Soler, is a renowned flamenco guitarist and the son, Gaspar Claus, is a classically trained cellist known for his sound experimentation projects. Their recently released album is the culmination of six years of work combining their two sounds in a unique conversation:

Soler says his son expresses himself without constraints — while he holds on to the strict rules of flamenco. Yet their collaboration is not strictly flamenco, and Soler is not playing the traditional role of guitar accompanist to the cello’s “voice.” It’s a conversation between two equals, and it took six years for them to get to the point where they wanted to commit the music to disc. Dessner was the perfect choice to produce — he’d gotten to known the father and son personally, and he’s got a master’s degree in classical guitar performance from Yale. He says things got interesting in the studio.

“They have a very special relationship as a family — very open, very creative, very artistic,” Dessner says. “They’re not afraid to disagree. So there was a fair amount of me mediating between the two of them. There were hard days. There were days where one of them would storm out and not speak to the other one for a few hours and come back, and we’d do something incredible. It was a pretty intense process. It went on for about three weeks.”

Check out the full interview on NPR.

On to the video, which pretty much confirms I’m ready to pack a bag and move to Spain:


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