I really want to see this movie…and not just because of the abs

Yes I know I am not supposed to want to see this movie: I am an aspiring yoga teacher and, of all things, a GIRL. Not exactly the target demographic. But I am used to being the outlier that totally screws the demographics.

Which is why I get excluded from most surveys.

In fact, if I stuck to my demographic, I’d probably be going to see some drivel like this:

or this:

I also know the fight movie has been done before. In fact I’ve probably seen them all. I loved Million Dollar Baby and Ali. Even Cinderella Man had its moments. I won’t try to argue that this one will be different because it’s MMA instead of boxing. It’s a fight movie. It’s an underdog movie. It’s a broken family at odds movie. It’s an underdog, broken family, fight movie. It will be dramatic, with lots of meaty hammer-on-cabbage sounding, wince worthy sound effects and probably give the heartstrings a good pizzicato more than once. I mean, look at this setup, would you:

The thing about the formula, is that it works. And it’s an escape from my daily life. And I’d still rather see that, or this:

Than sit through another piece of melodramatic Tyler Perry tripe:

That I’m supposed to identify with because it’s my demographic. That is all.


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3 Responses to I really want to see this movie…and not just because of the abs

  1. Cellophyte says:

    It’s okay to admit it’s the abs. 🙂

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