Cello Pics: The cellist in action

Here are a couple of pics from the Music-a-thon. The event was a great success for the band, a lot of fun AND marked my first performance with “Red” (aka “loverboy” “hubby” and “strings” – no permanent moniker has stuck) I could go on and on about how happy I am that I went with the Zuber, how great it sounds, plays and feels indoors and out, but you were promised pictures, so let’s get to it, shall well?

Here we are, under the Space Needle:

Let's called the dress: Orchestra Casual

Some days I think of us as a large string ensemble with aspirations, rather than an Orchestra. This one is fun because A) I’m not pulling a crazy face and B) I’m pretty sure I’m not breathing either.

Our first performance

I can tell how nervous I was by the tension in my left hand alone!

This is one of my favorites, mostly because it takes me right back to that chair on a sunny Seattle afternoon playing music with friends:

I can remember exactly what I was thinking: "QUIETLY!"

That is all! As you were.


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Watch what happens when you give a writer a cello.
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2 Responses to Cello Pics: The cellist in action

  1. Yee says:

    I like the name Red…. Just a stupid thought… Red has me thinking about the other Red… You could name your cello Coco and have another CC 🙂

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