Next concert: Music-a-thon July 2nd in Seattle Center! Come support the band!

I’ll be playing with the rest of the Rainbow City Orchestra in the Music-a-thon in downtown Seattle on Saturday July 2nd. The music-a-thon will be held at Fisher Plaza at 4th Avenue and Denny Street in Seattle, across the street from the Space Needle. Various groups from the Rainbow Cit organization will be playing all day with music ranging from jazz, swing, ensemble pieces and more. The Orchestra is on at 4pm and the music is free for all to enjoy.

Money raised will support the Lights…Camera…Action! conference and concert, the annual nationwide gathering of LGBA Bands, hosted this year by the Rainbow City Band at McCaw Hall on the University of Washington campus.

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I’m so delighted to be part of this fundraising effort. Although I am not a member of the LGBT community, I have been welcomed warmly as part of the growing orchestra. As a result of playing with the orchestra for a short while, I’ve experienced enormous musical growth and made wonderful friends. Friends and family who have been following along on my cello journey, I hope you will consider supporting this fantastic community of musicians.

You can support RCB/O by making a small donation here (every little bit counts!), buying tickets to the LGBA concert on Sunday, October 16 or just coming out to the Music-a-thon on July 2nd to cheer us on. Rainbow City Band will be playing from 10am to 10pm, featuring various subsets of the organization – including the Orchestra at 4pm.

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