Words I love: Ranunculus

Sarah Parrott @ Flickr

I planted a whole slew of these in the garden this year because:

A) They are stunning, esp. the muli-colored variety, and (most importantly)

B) I loved the sound of the word coming out of my mouth on repeat as I wandered around the garden store.

I love it because it’s one of those words thats too good to be true: it sounds as if it were made up or means any number of things other than what it actually does. It’s a clunky yet somehow melodic name for a small decidedly elegant blossom.

Ranunculus, Ranunculus, Ranunculus. It’s a word that sounds just shy of nonsense. Speaking it aloud calls to mind a Harry Potter spell (“Ranunculus!”), and produces happy reverberations to the words rhinoceros, ridiculous and – another favorite word which is totally made up – “redunculous.”

So here’s to one of my favorite words. A pretty little flower, and so much more.


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