There are some days…

When the best I can do is get my butt on the chair, bow in hand, cello at ready, music on the stand and make a go of it. At times like this I have to trust that just “showing up” will make me a better cellist in the long run – more than getting an extra hour of sleep – even if it doesn’t sound like it at the moment.

Tonight’s practice was one of those times.

After eight hours of “playing Jeopardy” at the day job, a trip to the mall for a torte mute and two quick turnaround edit requests for friends I realized dinner had been a handful of almonds and a couple of cheese and turkey rolls (protein power!) three hours before and my bed had begun to sing a siren song. It was 10pm and I hadn’t even looked at sheet music.

Concert looming, I dragged CC to the chair, sat down and promised to stay there for one whole hour no matter what came out.

I made it 57 minutes. Bach as my witness I gave it my best shot. Not one of my finest practice sessions. But at least I’m making peace with Brandenburg.

Butt. In. Chair.
Photo by Tommy Forbes @ Flickr

Mission Accomplished.


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Watch what happens when you give a writer a cello.
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