5 Things I Love About Being a Cellist

I owe you a real post: you know the weekend practice update and orchestra rehearsal stories (our first cello was absent so guess who got thrown into the fire) but I’m off to the day job, so here’s a little top 5 to get us started. Have a great day!!

image by takanawho @Flickr

1. The commitment: I may have started playing ‘late’ but the decision to play was a conscious choice. I do it because I love it and it brings joy into my life. As adults there are lots of things we have to do (i.e. work, etc) and lots of things (and people) we feel responsible to, but this is one decision that I chose to wrap my life around whole-heartedly.

2. The discipline: learning to play an instrument takes much more discipline than I thought myself capable of before I started. There’s no one looking over my shoulder making me practice, and no one to hold me accountable but me. It takes patience. Ditto: more than I thought myself capable of.

3. Being part of a musical community: Finding out how many other people in my life have played or currently play instruments: big or small, traditional or weird (kazoo anyone?)

4. Being part of a musical community, pt 2: Meeting other beginners, either in the real world or online it’s wonderful to share the experience, challenges and triumphs with others who are walking a similar path.

5. Being a Cellist: the way mentioning that I play the cello has becomes an immediate conversation starter (although I’m finally learning to quit adding disqualifiers like “not very good” and “newbie” immediately preceding) and sometimes share their own music stories. Plus talking cello with other cello players is kind of awesome. No, there is no secret handshake (that I know of)!

What’s your top 5?


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