Non-Cello Blog Stuff – Stats, Subscrptions and Links, oh my!

Periodically I take a peek at the stats to see what people are up to when they come to my blog. Once in a while I like to look at the people who are lookin at me. It’s always amusing to see what search terms land people on my little square of the interwebs, or where else they have may have come from. I never set up this blog to be a big traffic picker upper, only a place to share my thoughts and ramblings about this wonderful instrument that has come into my life. Still, it’s always gratifying to see that people are stopping by, returning and in some cases have become subscribers. I must be doing SOMETHING right.

I want to say a thanks to those who have linked to me, because that means you appreciate what’s going on over here enough to give it some real estate on your little square of interwebs. I have tried to return the favor in all cases – but if your link is missing from my page, please let me know! Also, subscribers, the fact that I haven’t returned the favor is simply because if you have an RSS feed, I’ve subscribed using Google Reader, my preferred way to keep up with all of my favorite blogs and sites (they have a great Android interface, go figure)

That is all, back to cello love. I have an hour of practice, then some time prepping the garden – it’s almost spring here, time to start growing stuff. On today’s docket: D minor scale, some Schroeder and the tricky shifts in Pavane that leave me stumbling after first chair in orchestra.


About Eddie

Watch what happens when you give a writer a cello.
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