“April in Paris” RCO concert April 2nd!

You might recall all the blathering on I’ve been doing about joining a community orchestra.

Here’s a copy of the flyer/announcement for their next performance – my first as an RCO cellist. Just looking at it gives me alternating ecstasies and heart palpitations.

Cause April in Seattle ain't all that grand

Ah, April in Paris, what could be sweeter? Join Rainbow City Band for a night of joie de vivre as we explore the work of the French Masters. Gracing the program will be the majesty of Ravel’s “Bolero”, the eloquence and tranquility of Satie’s “Trois Gymnopedies”, the passion of Bizet’s “Carmen”, the sweet elegance of Count Basie’s “April in Paris”, and much, much more!

At the moment, mostly palpitations…but good ones, if that’s possible.


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2 Responses to “April in Paris” RCO concert April 2nd!

  1. The Neophyte Cellist says:

    How exciting! What are you playing from Carmen (it’s one of my favourite operas) ?

    • Eddie says:

      Alas, no Carmen for the strings.The orchestra (string section plus certain members of the main band) will actually be playing only one piece during the recital: Tres Gymnopedies by Satie. The rest of the band is playing the fun stuff.

      This organization was originally a concert/marching band, strings were only added last fall and an orchestra arm was added. I guess since there were so few strings when the concert was planned back in December or whenever they weren’t counting on us to be able to play.

      Consolation prize? We get to play in the lobby during intermission and possibly before the main performance. Most likely the Ferdinand and Miranda Theme, Pavane and the Brandenburg Concerto.

      Maybe next year for the fun stuff!

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