Discombobulated Enchantment (The alternate title for this blog)

Today I raced into orchestra with cello in tow at 5minutes to start only to discover I’d forgotten my music stand. At least I remembered my music.

Eh, blame it on the first day on the job. Didn’t feel like hauling the cello to work. Not knowing where I would be all day (first days are hardly ever spent at one’s desk) I opted to make a run home between work and orchestra. Of course, being a first day things ran late and I didn’t leave work till – let’s just say the time I should have been leaving home for orchestra. At home I barely had time to grab CC, tea and a couple of turkey cheese rollups (protein power!) before racing back out the door.

Insert pouring rain and rush hour and stir to produce crap traffic. I can’t wait until I get to work from home!

Our first chair (as I have already think of her, even though no formal chair assignments have been announced) was kind enough to share a music stand, and even let me use my sheet music (I’d be lost without fingerings), I tuned and took a couple of deep breaths.

Magically, discombobulation gave way to enchantment as we tuned and got underway. I feel a little less like a total n00bie every time – it was easier to follow along, and find myself when I got lost, and I’m proud to say all that pizz practice with Ferdie and Miranda has payed off – I was able to play at speed without missing more than a note or two.

We also ran through Pavane by Gabriel Faure, which is absolutely lovely if you haven’t heard it and I bungled my way through Brandenburg like a drunk, three legged cat. My most humbling moment of the night was when two others started hearing something off in the low F during Gymnopedies. I looked around at the other cellists with a confident shrug (not moi) and we took turns playing the low F to have every one in the room light up “that’s it!” on my turn. My low F was flatter than…ug, too tired for flat analogy…it was flat. Swallowing my pride, and a little embarrassed that I still can’t always HEAR myself, I found the proper note and we redid the section of Gymnopedies that requires something like 8 full measure low F notes (ha, no wonder) and the whole piece sounded much better.

It was a good reminder that everyone has to pull their own weight – being just a little off can affect others in the group.

I’m a little sad when our two hours together is up for the week, but there’s talk of a summer band camp and some possibly more ensemble pieces (we need more violas, however) so even after the last formal concert of the season, I know there will be more music to be made together. For now, it’s nice knowing that orchestra is my very own personal:

found on flickr, courtesy of Celia

Now, to collapse into an exhausted heap in my at home recombobulation station (aka bed)

Goodnight, all!


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Watch what happens when you give a writer a cello.
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