The Bad News, and the Bad News: I’m cello jinxed

You might have been curious to know how the community orchestra thing went on Thursday.

People don’t often associate Seattle (and outlying areas) with snow. People who live in Seattle don’t associate Seattle with snow. So when it does actually snow, the whole damn town shuts down. Witness Thursday morning:

Thursday morning snow day

Now, people who live in places where it REALLY snows – like more than a couple of inches that melts three hours later – might scoff. But considering the hilly terrrain and terrible drivers in the city I hold dear, maybe that’s a good thing.

Anyway, by Thursday evening, it had started to look like this again (and worse in some outlying areas) so for the sake of safety and sanity rehersal was called off. See ya next week!


Before I started playing the cello, I never considered myself especially accident prone. I had, what I considered the average amount of harmless bumping into things. Although, I have catlike reflexes developed from years of catching fragile things knocked off countertops and tables.

Anyway, since I’ve started playing cello my tendency to maim myself in particularly clumsy accidents has taken a more sinister focus: my fingers. Some of you might remember this incident before my first recital (ever!) sometime last year.

Last night, in a hurry to get ready for the Assad Brothers concert at Benaroya, I had another.

Scene: Girl in bathroom multitasking – simultaneously putting on makeup, flat ironing hair and pulling on tights (you know, the usual girl-getting-ready-at-the-last-minute-in-a-hurry thing) Dressed and ready, TBF patiently playing his Asturias/Gymnopedie/Here Comes The Sun Mash-Up on guitar while waiting for girl. TBF looks up at a stream of swearing and yelps from the other side of the bathroom door.

TBF (tentative): everything alright?
Me: Yeah. I just cut myself, again.
TBF (after a pause): With WHAT? (omitted: “this time” or “now” this boy is smart)
Me: Um. Can we talk about that later? (Note to self: what on earth is a razor blade doing running around loose in the bathroom drawer?)
TBF: Is it bad? (aka are we going to the hospital? – To his credit he managed not to sound disappointed at the prospect of missing the concert)
Me: I’m gonna need bandaids. Lots of bandaids.

The casualties? The second and third fingertips of my left hand. Though shallow, they bled like I’d nicked a major artery and started throbbing almost immediately while I stuffed cotton balls on them until the bandaids were assembled and kept trying to pull on tights. Thank goodness I was wearing a coffee colored dress; I really didn’t have time to change.

TBF admirably played triage nurse with a handful of bandaids and a roll of medical tape (they don’t actually make a fingerTIP bandage, we discovered). Then we were off to the show – me driving with hand elevated over my heart.

Some people ask if we are music lovers. You tell me.

At least by the end of the show I had stopped bleeding. And here’s todays minimal bandaid coverage:

Razor blade 1, fingertip 0

I’m typing today without any pain, which is a good sign, but the bandaids are giving spellcheck a run for it’s money. I haven’t tried the cello yet, but I’m imagining it will be both physically and tonally painful – I’m sure bandaids do nothing for fingertip sensitivity. One thing I will be able to practice a lot is my first and fourth finger vibrato. And hopefully fingers 2 and 3 will be back in playable shape BY TUESDAY.

I’m trying not to let myself get bummed about the prospect of missing this opportunity because once again, I’ve managed to maim my fingers. I’ve been working so hard all week to get myself ready, it’s hard to avoid a slap on the forehead (d-oh!). I feel like such an idiot.

Oh well, first finger vibrato practice it is. Sigh…


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Watch what happens when you give a writer a cello.
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8 Responses to The Bad News, and the Bad News: I’m cello jinxed

  1. Eveningprose says:

    Oh, Eddie! Curses and commiserations!
    A recent result on this end in the same Little League has been Brussels Sprouts 1 — Pinky fingertip 0.
    And also in the spirit of clumsiness commiseration, I offer up the tale of one of my visits to the community orchestra last summer: I’m pacing it out towards the Castro on a windy SF day, wearing some ludicrously wide legged trousers, with my cello on my back. The ludicrously wide legs are flapping around my ankles in the wind and suddenly I’m hurtling towards the ground with the cello going over my head…luckily to land only a bit shaken and grazed, and to the accompaniment of a general twanging haarrrummmmpph of the (thankfully only untuned but otherwise unscathed) cello… Kindly folk rush forward…etc etc…
    Here’s hoping for super-speedy mending!
    And have fun at the orchestra once the spot of weather bother’s cleared up!

  2. Eddie says:

    Thanks for the sympathy, and the smile.

    I’m sorry you fell, but I’m glad to know that I am not the only one with a couple of accidental self-destruct sequence stories 🙂 The cello does seem to add an extra layer of disaster to our clumsy episodes, doesn’t it?

    I’m so looking forward to the orchestra – especially after watching SSO perform with the Bros Assad last night. We were in perfect seats to see the cello section. How inspiring!

  3. I think we’ve all managed to bang up our fingertips (always on the left hand!) more than once. After the first day or two I’m usually able to use some of that liquid bandage stuff (lots of layers of it) and it holds the cut together while I practice. I can’t do vibrato when that happens, but using that stuff means I can practice a couple days sooner. Have you tried that?

    I’m sorry you owied yourself — it’s never fun — but I’m sure you’ll mend soon and be able to play at the next rehearsal.

  4. P.S. I like the new theme!

    • Eddie says:

      Yay, thanks. I was bored (one can only practice the vibrato wah-wah-wah for so long before one’s BF kicks her out of the house), and decided it was time for a change. Still working out the kinks, but it’s a little more cello-y, I think.

  5. I just realized I changed mine to the same theme. I like your background better though! Original pic?

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