2 for 5 for 3

Sometimes, it's good to have a planFor the next three months my goal will be to practice two hours a day, five days a week. Easily sloganized as: “2 for 5 for 3” I’m looking forward to this as an opportunity to really get into my cello practice in a way I haven’t yet.

Unencumbered by regular employment, this plan will work in tandem with my “6 for 5 for 3” writing goal in an effort to finally finish the novel I’ve been pounding on intermittently for the last three years (in addition to polishing and submitting a handful of short stories, working on a website and building my freelance clientele, cough cough, ambitious much?). The experiment being: how much improvement can I make if I really buckle down and put in the practice time EVERY DAY.

I’m betting: lots.

Either way…you get to follow along.


About Eddie

Watch what happens when you give a writer a cello.
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