Got Schroeder? Get these videos (free!)

Over the last 6 months I’ve been getting down and dirty with Vol 1 of the Alwin Schroder 170 Foundation Studies for Cello – #1-6 to be exact – and the most challenging thing for me has been figuring out how the piece is supposed to sound once I’ve actually got the notes and the timing down. (Okay well, there is definitely more than one technique issues that have been challenging: Obre Haelfte des Bogens, anyone?).

Although Kaia would play the piece for me and we would start working on it together during my lesson, it never failed that by midweek -after floundering around with the counting and the pacing I’d forgotten how the damn thing was supposed to sound. And being on my own the last couple of months hasn’t made it any easier. By “supposed to sound” I mean: played right, at proper pace by someone who knows what the hell they’re doing. And I need to have that in my head – even I can’t play it yet – so that I can know what I’m working toward.

Then I stumbled on the Fromme Duo site, where cellist Randolph Fromme has actually recorded video of each of the Schroeder etudes. I don’t know if all 170 are up, but considering I’m only at 7, what’s up now will probably keep me for a while.

Check out Fromme taking on the Schroeder here.


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