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I’m so excited: after three months of being a freelance cellist with minimal success, I go back to lessons on June 7th. I’m glad I made the decision to take a break when I did. With work and school and trying to finish the book, cello was coming last – and grudginly – if at all. I overestimated school – after all it was only one class a week – but it turned into three hours of class and one hour of study group and hours and hours of homework.
I was struggling in my lessons, not keeping up with my cello homework and starting to feel really bad about my practice.
My last class is also my birthday present to myself – June 1st – and the next week I go back to my lessons! Woohoo! The nicest thing was that Kaia is happy to have me back. So happy, infact, she gave me homework 🙂

1. Scales: all scales, any scales. I’m feeling pretty confident about these because when I did have a chance to practice over the last few months, I worked on my scales.
2. Pick a song: even if I have to go back one or two. I’m not crazy about O Come Little Children, but it is a really good practice, so I think I will stick with it.
3. Schroeder etude: Instead of a new song, I think I’ll brush up on Schroeder #7. I started it last week, bored with scales, and it needs a lot of work. I’ll be happy to take it to Kaia to polish.

What are you working on these days?


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