So Long Gone

No, I haven’t given up the cello. Cecelia and I are still happily sawing away at Schroder (I’ve got #6 at 100bpm woohoo!) and a couple of Suzuki faves.

My absence was due primarily to my own indecision and a failed attempt at a self-hosted personal website/blog. I had already done most of the setup and then I locked myself out. Of course, the posts from CC&Me were had been migrated – so I hesitated to blog here out of the hope that I would be back into the new site soon. While waiting for the assistance of my tech savvy friend, my domain name expired and I sorta lost interest in the whole thing.

And of course, nature abhors a vacuum, so all my blog time quickly got eaten up by writing, classes, gardening projects, TBF and most importantly cello practice in the little time I had left over.

I missed my blog. I missed talking about my cello journey and posting all the interesting cello related bits that drifted across my internet radar. I started reading other cello (and non-cello) blogs and thinking _ I should have my own cello blog _ then it dawned on me..

“DUH, you already HAVE your own cello blog.” (I tell ya, you can take the girl out of the valley…)

Here I am, slightly chagrined after an odessey of websites and extracurriculars, back to where it all started. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for school. In three more weeks I’ll have finished the program (on my birthday, no less) and have six more weeks of my life back which means more cello lessons and practice. I’m looking forward to having a lot more to say here.


About Eddie

Watch what happens when you give a writer a cello.
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