Damn it, Janet! or The Case of the Self Destructing Cello Case

When Cecelia came into my life six months ago, she arrived with her own nylon covered hard case as part of the gift/package and it has done a good job so far of taking the ‘hits’ that would have done critical damage to Miss CC. I mean, it’s not like I go leaving my cello out in traffic, but I’m not inherently the most graceful person I know. I’m constantly walking into and tripping over things. Do I need to remind you about the time I slammed my finger in the car door two days before my first recital.

And, as careful as I am when toting CC about, her proximity to me attracts all sorts of  bumps and jostles. The nylon covered hard case has done okay so far – including taking the blow from the time the metal, spring-loaded door slipped out of my hand on the way into my apartment building and clapped shut over the bridge area, tearing a big chunk of nylon and styrofoam out as I karate kicked it open again. Let’s not talk about my level of hysteria when I dragged the case inside the building while frantically pulling at the zippers with every expectation of finding a shattered bridge and possibly worse. Thankfully, the case did it’s job, and a bit of black electrical tape stanched the Styrofoam hemorrhage.

However, in the last month or so, the nylon case has apparently reached its preset time limit and begun to self destruct. First the ‘D’ rings that the backpack straps lock into started to disappear one by one until I was wearing my cello case cross chest ‘messenger bag’ style. When the third D ring disappeared I resorted to handles and wheels. Then one of the wheel began to make a squeaking, rattling noise when being pulled, so i resorted to pushing it out front of me everywhere. Then the handles started coming off.

Seriously. One by one, in space of a week or two the stitchery of the handles came undone. So now, I’m pretty much clasping my cello case around the neck and under the body and praying something doesn’t slip.

The final straw – if you can believe I hadn’t reached that point yet – was when I was packing up CC after my final practice session before holiday travel. I nestled Miss CC snug in her bed, towel wrapped the neck to avoid scuffing by the nasty raw velcro strap, put the bow into the sleeve and started to shut the case. A minute before the zipper touches down I hear the unmistakable ‘thunk’ of wood on wood and fling open the top to see the bow sleeve has come completely detached from the lid, dropping the bow (frog first) onto the cello and leaving a narrow, quarter-inch long dent in the topsheet.

Nearly direct quote: “M*TH#RF*CK@R! CHEAP PIECE OF SH@T!”

That’s it. This cheap, POS  nylon case has just worn out its welcome. Fiberglass here I come. Miss CC is getting a Christmas present this year. I’m thinking something like, this:

O says: “Doesn’t it come in black?”

Me (looking around at my yellow end-pin stopper, red music stand and teal exercise ball/practice stool): “Yes. It does.”

What can I say. I have a thing for color. It arrives after New Years 🙂

Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays and a Fabulous New Year!




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Watch what happens when you give a writer a cello.
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1 Response to Damn it, Janet! or The Case of the Self Destructing Cello Case

  1. Emily says:

    I heartily approve. Great color!

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