Practice update

Current assignments:
1. Song of the Wind and Go Tell Aunt Rhody using the metronome, no groaning or eye rolling allowed.
2. R-E-L-A-X the pinkie side of the bow hand, shoulder and wrist. No holding on for dear life.
4. Keep playing with the Klengel triad scale in C major, also don’t forget your regular scales and Galamians.
5.Get bored? Try working on page one of Schroeder’s foundation studies. Three down, 167 to go.

I’ve had about two weeks since my last lesson to wok on these, but between a trip to Whistler and 10-hour work days (to make up for the trip to Whistler) my practice times have been downright shabby.

I can say, going into today’s lesson, that:
1. I can play both Wind and Rhody straight through and 99% memorized. Timing, schmiming.
2. I’ve gotten pretty good at Schroder study #2. Of course HOW good I’ll find out soon.
3. I am addicted to scales. There is something sooo calming about the repetition. Scales are my pacifier.


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