Out of tune

After a couple of days sitting in my apartment outside the coffin (aka hard case), Miss Cecelia was woefully out of tune at practice time yesterday. A brief search in my apartment turned up my missing right Seychilles pump but no tuner. I vaguely remembered Kaia discussing how to tune by string and I found an ‘A’ online but after a 40minutes of bowing and fiddling with fine tuners I still wasn’t happy with my sound. Why hadn’t I payed better attention?

It was the most frustrating cello experience I’ve had so far. The fact that not having a stupid (albeit, convenient) electronic device kept me from playing was the worst feeling. I mean hundred of thousands of musicans know how to get in tune without the convenince of a battery powered device. Not having the interwebs yet at the apartment I was limited to what I could turn up with the iPhone and, as anyone who has tried to search for more than directions, movies or restuant reviews knows, the process of trying to view the non mobile-friendly web can be even more of a pain than it’s worth.

I’m sad to report that after an hour I gave up, dear reader. Then I vowed to learn to tune without the tuner at my next lesson. There’s no way I’m losing valuable playing time because I can’t get in tune again!

Which brings up a good, if tangentially related question: how do you store your cello? In the case? On a stand? Why or why not? How does it affect your ‘tune’?


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Watch what happens when you give a writer a cello.
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