Practice Update

A couple of updates.

I played an impromptu version of Lightly Row at my housewarming gathering Sunday afternoon. My lovely friends were kind enough not to cringe, and even applauded my cello scratching. I only muttered “fuck” once when I missed a note and I managed to keep my face from allowing the 45 seconds of torture to show.

Considering there will be children present on Sunday I’m going to have to work a little harder on holding back the f-bomb.

Lesson’s  learned from grabbing Cecelia and playing cold for friends:

1. Don’t do it. Warm up, ALWAYS.  At least go through a couple of rounds of scales.

2. Keep your music where you can see it, even if you’ve “memorized” all 16 (give or take) measures and especially if you’re playing it for people for the first time.

Since then I’ve been giving it at least 15 minutes a night, and I’m up to playing Lightly Row at 85bpm. Squeezing that extra 15 in cleanly is going to be a challenge.

I think of Sunday and my palms get sweaty. I am trying to remind myself that this is FUN.


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Watch what happens when you give a writer a cello.
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